Muchas Gracias for the two songs that you left for me,

wasn’t expecting any response, but I will take this with glee.

Was the other two songs after that meant for someone else?

Coz it made my heart skip a beat with erratic pulse.


Felt so lucky with your beautiful response that I bought Power-ball1,

didn’t believe in chance or luck as far as I can re-call.

God knows what next you will make me do or become!

turning my life upside down, still you are more than welcome.


I was an ember of a dying fire waiting for the ending,

you come along like fresh breath of life and gave your blessing.

How many times do I have to die and be reborn?

will not whine, as most people will for this chance forlorn.


It is raining in both our area as you very well know,

walking down the street with a smile which I can’t let go.

With your song in my ears and thoughts in my mind I stroll,

let me get wet and not worry about things out of my control.


Maybe two or three subway stops separates us?

yet this distance seems so unconquerable and enormous.

Are we both foreordained to meet just in Chatroom only?

not that I complain as I find this place homely.


Have the Chatroom today for myself it seems,

will take this chance to shout-out and scream.

Dearest Boo, please think of me while I am gone,

just as I do when you are not signed on!


  1. Lottery

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