Dance of Joy


Mystery has finally started to reveal, albeit rather slowly!

layer by layer it is being revealed, not wholly.

Although patience not being one of my admirable quality,

dear, you can always be sure of my constancy.


Most favorite part of the week is finally here,

did I hear some of this place people cheer?

As far as this humble self is concerned,

day I chat with Dear is happiness confirmed!


Found myself dancing this morning to a sad song.

must have danced all by myself after so long.

You have the power to bring me back from dead,

no wonder I’m dancing when I should be sad instead.


You have turned my life up side down dear,

mean it in a good way, just to be clear!

You make every little experience new and exciting,

never in my life felt so alive or inspiring.


Ever since I met1 you, I have stopped reading the news,

it’s like I put all the outside distraction on a snooze.

This world can go to hell for all I care.

with you, I feel like I am walking on air!


  1. Only online of course!



Reborn Again


Yippee ! Back with a bang I come marching in,

seems nothing can wipe out my mile wide grin.

Back from verge of defeat, I scored a win,

now it’s going to be as always as been.


And the sun shines again in the land of doom,

it’s time again for the flowers to start to bloom.

Time also to bring some life into this Chat-room,

by which I do not mean start wearing Halloween costume!


I was stranded on a distant island with no hope of rescue,

with hope all gone, My dear brings the ship right on cue!

Now we are back on mainland with bottle of wine to celebrate,

to all the lovers out there with no hope, this bottle I dedicate!


See what you did dear with your magic to the weather today,

so bright and sunny, likes of which wasn’t seen for many days.

Told you dear before that you must be deity of some kind,

coz I know of on-one who can control weather so well-timed.


Was in Agra this summer to check out Taj Mahal the great,

and to find out what exactly did Shah Jahan manage to create.

Man! This guy really knew how to show off his un-dying love,

sorry Dear, few lousy lines is all I can manage for my love!

Wounded Soul


Little flicker of hope has been extinguished without funfair,

why should anyone in this cruel world even care?

Only the hearts that has been touch will be aware,

for rest of its life the pain it must bear.


If only heart can be mended just like we mend our shoes,

then it will be able to take much more and repeated abuse.

Alas, this heart is made of such a delicate and fragile stuff,

there must be something I can do to make it strong enough.


All around us, the leaves have turned yellow and withered,

just lying in the street and waiting to be trampled.

Either to be burned or to be used as compost,

please use me so someone else can grow the most.


 Today it is supposed to rain so heavy with high speed wind,

I say bring it on, two feet snow too to make me blind.

Since I got nothing to lose, weather too can be unkind,

I’m not going to see what I set out to find.


Why God? Why do you even keep me around?

so you can enjoy watching me lick my wound?

It’s no wonder that I question your very existence,

and never in my life asked for your assistance.


Can I be “Indian Giver” and take back the love already given?

and go back to the time simple, with nothing to be proven?

When this was just a chatroom, nothing more nothing less,

trying to move back the time, wishful thinking I guess.


People will keep saying that times have changed,

when it’s the circumstances that has be rearranged.

Can’t do anything when fate has chosen your path,

will have to deal with whatever maybe the aftermath.


Chahat ke barsaat1 is romantic and looked forward with longing,

well, not when my eyes are already wet with mourning.

This rain will help me dilute my tears as it runs down,

making it easier to hide tears as I go about the town.



  1. Rain of love

Kiss of Death


Tibs1 say it’s so precious to be born as human being,

personally it is very hard to agree with this Tib saying.

As for me this life has become more of a punishment,

like more of just waiting for the day of the Judgment.


Like a man who is condemned with death penalty,

nothing to do but wait for rendezvous with destiny.

Just going through fond memories like the TV reruns,

before the executioner gets to push the death button.


If you are wondering what happened to jolly and hopeful me,

he got carried away to distant sea by the emotional Tsunami.

I am his haunted soul doomed to roam this mortal earth,

you guys might as well treat him as dead hence forth.


If you are expecting flowery words and hopeful message in my versification,

you will be disappointed as now I can’t write to that specification.

Now it will be all about loss of love, death and destruction,

you just have to wait and see the sight of emotional eruption.


War in Syria, refugees in Europe and South China Sea dispute,

occupies your mind, when your mind has nothing pleasant to compute.

Dark thoughts and despair is the only thing you see around,

when you give up on love and your heart is worn-down.


Just don’t know which direction I should be taking now,

should I wait for divine intervention to show me how?

Or should I be pretending like it doesn’t hurt at all?

and carry on with my life as if I can’t recall?


  1. Short for Tibetan

Another Dead End


And just like that it ended before it started,

the time has come for us to be parted.

We were on a journey without any set destination,

it was fun while it lasted for the duration.


In the end it was difference of expectation that did it,

it’s a good thing we both are mature enough to admit.

We part ways with no hard feelings whatsoever,

we have created wonderful memories to last forever.


Thank you for lending your ear without any complaint,

and for showing me patience matching those of a saint.

I know I will never find someone like you so understanding,

I will give up my search for a person so outstanding.


Wish you all the best for what may lay ahead,

may success always follow you dear wherever you may tread.

I hope and pray that you will find what you are looking for,

my blessing are always with you for what life may have in store.


Well dear, it’s time to say our final good bye,

I will say my final good bye with a deep sigh.

Sorry if I have been a disappointment to you dear,

btw am writing this poem with eyes filled with tears.


Wrong Train


It has been just one day and felt like eternity,

didn’t know I will miss you dear with such intensity.

Feels good to be back on my routine of writing,

which brings me to my comfort zone, which is exciting.


“I think, I will miss you” is all you can manage?

no complaints dear, I like the way you choose your language.

It could be have been worse with words like “I don’t care”

thank you dear for letting little of your emotions bare.


Some wise old guy said “Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai1

he sure knew what he was talking about, by the way.

Affection has grown much stronger after this short intermission,

will continue after a short break, my usual rendition!


Have a great weekend dear, hopefully your test is done,

time to relax, kick back and to have some fun.

or you can stop by to see me,

am always at the usual place until three!


Don’t know if I should start with question or an answer,

let me please precede the question to ask with a flower!

Just to up the chances of getting honest and frank reply,

Dear, do you really love me or am just another guy?


Some people say “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”

those people must bare the burden of mistake on their shoulders.

Coz I have never ever set my eyes on you dear,

Yet, I love you like I have known you for years.


I just got on the wrong train and reached Upper West Side2

well dear, I guess I deserve it for letting my mind slide.

Got to be careful next time before boarding any train,

or before my dear, your love drives me completely insane!


  1. Hindi proverb which roughly translate to “The fruits of patience is sweet”
  2. Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Day Dreaming


It seems we are both living on two ends of this world,

one on the day side and other on the dark side of world.

Destined to be apart from each other for long time to come?

are we cursed with this terrible ailment we call lonesome ?


 I see you everywhere as I go through my daily grind,

can not explain why I am always in this frame of mind.

Yesterday I nearly approached one stranger to ask if she was you,

with this most radiant smile, I thought she could only be you.


Next time will show W sign with my finger,

so has to dispel any doubt which may linger.

If you want dear, you can show J sign,

then I will definitely know that you are mine.


Dear, just a reminder, will be off from Chat-room tomorrow,

I am really sorry if this causes you any sorrow.

Will be away from my favorite computer most of the day,

am not good with phone, try as hard as I may.


You will be with me every step I take,

you have become a habit so hard to break!

In my thoughts and songs that I listen to,

can’t ever stop thinking even if I want to!


Was just meandering through life before you appeared like miracle,

gave this life a purpose and meaning that’s so desirable.

Making it worth while getting up every morning,

same at night time when I go dreaming.


Thank you my Dear for giving me this little piece of happiness,

something to look forward to and for the very feeling of nearness.

Can not bare to think of the day when you are not here,

breaks my heart just to contemplate the day you decide not to care.