Resting in Peace


Humble self is done writing love and sad songs,

he could not figure out where he really belongs.

He was lost before he even started this journey,

got tired with this life which seems so looney.


Now he lives in the self-declared exile,

he’s done acting like a self-obsessed juvenile.

Finds his search for love and life futile,

will now try to keep a low profile.


Today “Long lost poet” went back to sleep,

nothing can wake him from sleep this deep.

Until and unless a princess charming happens to come by,

then a new story and sparks may begin to fly.


My dearest Hun, I dearly hope that this life treats you right,

will fondly remember you, even when you are out of sight.

The brief moment of joy that you managed to give here1,

please do except my heart felt thank you, which is sincere.


Secret admirer, If that is all I am destined to be,

if that’s my fate, then I will be happy to agree.

Rather spend my days left being small part of your life,

then to spend my life with mind in an emotional strife.


Dearest Boo, just sharing the song “Sarfira2” with you,

when you get time please do have a view.

I found the song very addictive and kind of uplifting,

mind leaving a song for me in chatroom that’s comforting?


  1. Chatroom
  2. Hindi song from movie “Katti Batti”

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