Fire has been lit and flames rises ferociously with smoke,

just thinking of this so short love makes me choke.

Now the fires has died with no one to witness,

with this I bow my head and mourn love losses.


I keep on wondering how can such a wonderful thing as love die?

like a river which has run its course and before reaching ocean dried.

Even river needs a glacier as their source and for its sustenance,

likewise, even with the spark, love needs inspiration for its existence.


Thing with love is it clicks or not, nothing in between,

even when it clicks, things turn up which can’t be for-seen.

It may have been very short and sweet while it lasted,

every moment and the second of which kept me intimately captivated.


For the brief joy and fresh breath of life, I thank you,

even though we agreed not to use the word thank you.

Like all good things that must come to an end,

shall we part roads here like a very good friend?


Like a comet you came into my life and dazzle the night,

when all I was searching for was soft shine of the moonlight.

Moonlight which will get me through the night and the nightmare,

unlike the bright lights, hustle and bustle of the Time Square.


Time for circus to leave town, so I pack my belonging,

Is there any use to have my pain and hurt prolonging?

The next town I go and start doing my Show,

Maybe I’ll find someone who really enjoys and appreciate my sideshow!


I take my final bow here in Chatroom for the last time,

with such a heavy heart and hurt, which will last a lifetime.

Final good bye to all the friends near and dear,

I leave this fabulous chatroom with eyes filled with tears.


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