Sad Songs


In the subway listening to Hindi song,

thoughts of you accompany me all along.

Contemplating new ways to write my composition,

so I can get your undivided attention!


One question about our date on Saturday Night,

do you want our love story to ignite?

Hope you will not have a stage fright,

or leave me alone in the spot light.


A little birdie told me, last night you were here1,

was it just a social visit or you do care?

I would love to believe it is the latter,

too bad I wasn’t there to enjoy the encounter.


Sad songs, that’s all I listen to now,

how could this happen, only my dear knows.

Gone are the days of hip-hop and rock,

Gazal2 and sad song is all I talk.


“Batoon ko teri3” keeps repeating in my mind,

“Saware4” keeps me company and to unwind.

To get me through this torturous day,

wonder how you manage to stay away.


Never felt this good writing about someone,

same feeling that comes after battle won.

You are the gift that keeps on giving,

only you can make my life worth living.


Can’t track the number of poems I wrote.

I am assuming your heart is keeping note.

Coz I write with pencil and paper.

which I think will never last forever.


Is this love or obsession? Please do let me know,

writing is the only way I know how to show.

Could this be desperate cry for help of a lover?

or a naïve heart searching love and never to discover?


As you have not responded about our date,

will treat it as positive, until further update.

Wishing you a great weekday any way,

whichever card you may decide to play.


  1. Chatroom
  2. Urdu lyrical poem usually sung, mostly sad.
  3. Hindi song
  4. Hindi song

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