Layer Unmasking


Very good morning to you my dear Boo,

humble self will try to have one too.

What is in the first name, you may wonder and ask,

I am trying to peel away each layer of your mask!


Since the first day you walked into my life in this chat,

been lost in thoughts, so I better have my brains looked at.

Sorry that I am always complaining like a spoiled brat,

You are the only one I have, hope you understand that.


You seems to be popular and with lots of friends,

if I may say so, you are almost a legend!

Would you please let me join your inner circle?

will forever be thankful for this little miracle.


In here1, I have been called creative, desperate, Yakpo2 and Takpoo3,

Don’t care as long as I can keep up my tempo.

For you dear, they can call me what they want.

I am not even least affected by their nasty taunt.


I have seen My Space, Hi5, Facebook, Viber and Wechat,

But this4 is the place I look up at.

Coz here I found my lovely boo,

and my love for writing also grew.


Dear, How about a date this Saturday in Tiny5?

we will be able to chat without outside scrutiny,

Will go there as we are, me and Boo,

I really hope you don’t mind trying something new.



  1. Chatroom
  2. Good in Tibetan
  3. Gloater in Tibetan
  4. Chatroom
  5. Chatroom with video and audio

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