Waiting for a Glimpse


Silence so profound can only be found in a black hole,

one sign is all that will take to make me whole.

Are you that busy or you just don’t give a damn?

please take pity and say anything to soothe my troubled Sem1.


Have I told you lately that I love you?

It’s an old song but it suits my need.

Have I told you there’s no one else above you?

just as someone pointed out yesterday, trying real hard indeed.


What a beautiful day with Pope2 in town,

here I am, stuck in traffic like a clown!

What does it take to move a mountain like you?

I should have watched the movie to get a clue.


I have been to Darga3, Church and Temple,

searching and praying for any signs from God.

Couldn’t find an answer that was this simple,

makes me wonder if these are just fraud.


All these worldly distraction that is keeping us apart

will our fate someday conspire to re-join our hearts.

Will it be today, tomorrow or sometime in future?

you never know! As they say in popular culture.


I came by to wish you good night,

before I go and turn off the light.

Since I didn’t see you here whole day,

get to see you tomo I will pray.


Will I be able to sleep without your Jayka4

I might need to drink two glasses of Vodka.

Don’t mind me, you have a sweet sweet dream,

dream in which we both are in one team.


  1. Soul in Tibetan
  2. Pope visits my City
  3. Mosque in Urdu
  4. Glimpse in Tibetan

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