Thoughts of You


Wanted to ask her what’s her name, where she’s living,

her favorite color, song and movie, what she does for living.

Could do none of the above as my raw courage was lacking,

feeling sorry for myself for the ending that’s not my liking.


Sleepless night, with your thoughts tossing and turning,

it’s two in the morning but who’s counting.

Woke up this morning to a weather that’s gloomy and dark,

just the thought of you my love left a happy mark.


Oh, to fall in love, journey full of perils and bliss,

makes a life worth living with nothing to regret or miss.

Taking this unknown path, not knowing where it will take,

hope and excitement unbound, leaving my fate on ocean’s wake.


To my mysterious love let me offer you some humble words

for I have no diamonds or pearls to give thee that’s worth.

Hearts full of love which overflows to my mysterious dear,

is that enough for you to count me as your near?


Got busy with work today as you can see,

didn’t even get to finish my favorite tea.

Yet thought of dear was always on my mind,

imagining your lovely eyes which may look so kind.


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