Resting in Peace


Humble self is done writing love and sad songs,

he could not figure out where he really belongs.

He was lost before he even started this journey,

got tired with this life which seems so looney.


Now he lives in the self-declared exile,

he’s done acting like a self-obsessed juvenile.

Finds his search for love and life futile,

will now try to keep a low profile.


Today “Long lost poet” went back to sleep,

nothing can wake him from sleep this deep.

Until and unless a princess charming happens to come by,

then a new story and sparks may begin to fly.


My dearest Hun, I dearly hope that this life treats you right,

will fondly remember you, even when you are out of sight.

The brief moment of joy that you managed to give here1,

please do except my heart felt thank you, which is sincere.


Secret admirer, If that is all I am destined to be,

if that’s my fate, then I will be happy to agree.

Rather spend my days left being small part of your life,

then to spend my life with mind in an emotional strife.


Dearest Boo, just sharing the song “Sarfira2” with you,

when you get time please do have a view.

I found the song very addictive and kind of uplifting,

mind leaving a song for me in chatroom that’s comforting?


  1. Chatroom
  2. Hindi song from movie “Katti Batti”



Fire has been lit and flames rises ferociously with smoke,

just thinking of this so short love makes me choke.

Now the fires has died with no one to witness,

with this I bow my head and mourn love losses.


I keep on wondering how can such a wonderful thing as love die?

like a river which has run its course and before reaching ocean dried.

Even river needs a glacier as their source and for its sustenance,

likewise, even with the spark, love needs inspiration for its existence.


Thing with love is it clicks or not, nothing in between,

even when it clicks, things turn up which can’t be for-seen.

It may have been very short and sweet while it lasted,

every moment and the second of which kept me intimately captivated.


For the brief joy and fresh breath of life, I thank you,

even though we agreed not to use the word thank you.

Like all good things that must come to an end,

shall we part roads here like a very good friend?


Like a comet you came into my life and dazzle the night,

when all I was searching for was soft shine of the moonlight.

Moonlight which will get me through the night and the nightmare,

unlike the bright lights, hustle and bustle of the Time Square.


Time for circus to leave town, so I pack my belonging,

Is there any use to have my pain and hurt prolonging?

The next town I go and start doing my Show,

Maybe I’ll find someone who really enjoys and appreciate my sideshow!


I take my final bow here in Chatroom for the last time,

with such a heavy heart and hurt, which will last a lifetime.

Final good bye to all the friends near and dear,

I leave this fabulous chatroom with eyes filled with tears.

Sad Songs


In the subway listening to Hindi song,

thoughts of you accompany me all along.

Contemplating new ways to write my composition,

so I can get your undivided attention!


One question about our date on Saturday Night,

do you want our love story to ignite?

Hope you will not have a stage fright,

or leave me alone in the spot light.


A little birdie told me, last night you were here1,

was it just a social visit or you do care?

I would love to believe it is the latter,

too bad I wasn’t there to enjoy the encounter.


Sad songs, that’s all I listen to now,

how could this happen, only my dear knows.

Gone are the days of hip-hop and rock,

Gazal2 and sad song is all I talk.


“Batoon ko teri3” keeps repeating in my mind,

“Saware4” keeps me company and to unwind.

To get me through this torturous day,

wonder how you manage to stay away.


Never felt this good writing about someone,

same feeling that comes after battle won.

You are the gift that keeps on giving,

only you can make my life worth living.


Can’t track the number of poems I wrote.

I am assuming your heart is keeping note.

Coz I write with pencil and paper.

which I think will never last forever.


Is this love or obsession? Please do let me know,

writing is the only way I know how to show.

Could this be desperate cry for help of a lover?

or a naïve heart searching love and never to discover?


As you have not responded about our date,

will treat it as positive, until further update.

Wishing you a great weekday any way,

whichever card you may decide to play.


  1. Chatroom
  2. Urdu lyrical poem usually sung, mostly sad.
  3. Hindi song
  4. Hindi song

Layer Unmasking


Very good morning to you my dear Boo,

humble self will try to have one too.

What is in the first name, you may wonder and ask,

I am trying to peel away each layer of your mask!


Since the first day you walked into my life in this chat,

been lost in thoughts, so I better have my brains looked at.

Sorry that I am always complaining like a spoiled brat,

You are the only one I have, hope you understand that.


You seems to be popular and with lots of friends,

if I may say so, you are almost a legend!

Would you please let me join your inner circle?

will forever be thankful for this little miracle.


In here1, I have been called creative, desperate, Yakpo2 and Takpoo3,

Don’t care as long as I can keep up my tempo.

For you dear, they can call me what they want.

I am not even least affected by their nasty taunt.


I have seen My Space, Hi5, Facebook, Viber and Wechat,

But this4 is the place I look up at.

Coz here I found my lovely boo,

and my love for writing also grew.


Dear, How about a date this Saturday in Tiny5?

we will be able to chat without outside scrutiny,

Will go there as we are, me and Boo,

I really hope you don’t mind trying something new.



  1. Chatroom
  2. Good in Tibetan
  3. Gloater in Tibetan
  4. Chatroom
  5. Chatroom with video and audio

Waiting for a Glimpse


Silence so profound can only be found in a black hole,

one sign is all that will take to make me whole.

Are you that busy or you just don’t give a damn?

please take pity and say anything to soothe my troubled Sem1.


Have I told you lately that I love you?

It’s an old song but it suits my need.

Have I told you there’s no one else above you?

just as someone pointed out yesterday, trying real hard indeed.


What a beautiful day with Pope2 in town,

here I am, stuck in traffic like a clown!

What does it take to move a mountain like you?

I should have watched the movie to get a clue.


I have been to Darga3, Church and Temple,

searching and praying for any signs from God.

Couldn’t find an answer that was this simple,

makes me wonder if these are just fraud.


All these worldly distraction that is keeping us apart

will our fate someday conspire to re-join our hearts.

Will it be today, tomorrow or sometime in future?

you never know! As they say in popular culture.


I came by to wish you good night,

before I go and turn off the light.

Since I didn’t see you here whole day,

get to see you tomo I will pray.


Will I be able to sleep without your Jayka4

I might need to drink two glasses of Vodka.

Don’t mind me, you have a sweet sweet dream,

dream in which we both are in one team.


  1. Soul in Tibetan
  2. Pope visits my City
  3. Mosque in Urdu
  4. Glimpse in Tibetan

Thoughts of You


Wanted to ask her what’s her name, where she’s living,

her favorite color, song and movie, what she does for living.

Could do none of the above as my raw courage was lacking,

feeling sorry for myself for the ending that’s not my liking.


Sleepless night, with your thoughts tossing and turning,

it’s two in the morning but who’s counting.

Woke up this morning to a weather that’s gloomy and dark,

just the thought of you my love left a happy mark.


Oh, to fall in love, journey full of perils and bliss,

makes a life worth living with nothing to regret or miss.

Taking this unknown path, not knowing where it will take,

hope and excitement unbound, leaving my fate on ocean’s wake.


To my mysterious love let me offer you some humble words

for I have no diamonds or pearls to give thee that’s worth.

Hearts full of love which overflows to my mysterious dear,

is that enough for you to count me as your near?


Got busy with work today as you can see,

didn’t even get to finish my favorite tea.

Yet thought of dear was always on my mind,

imagining your lovely eyes which may look so kind.

Mysterious Gal


Mysterious yet frank, lively yet Hidden,

kind of fruit that is forbidden,

Thousands of questions that needs answer,

all I know is your gender!


I ain’t a poet or a Shayer,

You may think I am a player.

To tell you the truth which I don’t know,

you see, I am just going with the flow.


Hope you like what I wrote earlier dear,

it’s time to start losing my fear.

Was just a friendly poem that I thought,

wasn’t my intention to put you on spot.


Things to distract my mind are very few,

wait that’s so tough, if you only knew.

Can’t give up now, when end is in sight,

deep down I know, I will see you tonight.


Did you cast a spell on me, which can’t be broken?

do let me know, coz my heart and soul is badly shaken.

Hope you are not pissed off with this thread,

am just throwing words that comes to my head.


Like a fairy not seen by mere mortals,

You are an attraction which can be fatal.

Staying hidden from admirer like me,

should I lay down red carpet for thee?


Shops have closed and lights gone out,

I am still waiting without any doubt.

Just one glance is all I request,

then I can sleep like the rest!